The Farplane

And I want to go to your city.

Here are my friends, links to other collectives I enjoy visiting, and buttons to link back here. Please e-mail me if you are interested in a link exchange!


These are friends I have gotten to know over the years whose sites I closely follow. They are amazing people with some really great sites. Be sure to check them out.

Alex of The Valiant Knife
Favorite Site - Renaissance
Cherri of Pirates Board
Favorite Site - Woman in Black

Chrissy of Reflera
Favorite Site - Will

Destinie of Innocent Monster
Favorite Site - Through Realms

Medli of Shattered Memories
Favorite Site - Last Ray of Hope

Samantha of After Death
Favorite Site - Sympathy for the Devil

Sarah of Oh My Darling
Favorite Site - Intensity

Stefi of Blizzara
Favorite Site - Antihero


Check out The Sending for more of my favorite sites to visit.

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