The Farplane

I wipe my dreams off the nighttime. launched on July 30, 2020, but has been around in other forms since 2007. Some domains I have owned previously are,,,, and I, admittedly, have jumped around a lot for various reasons, but I have also been making websites for a long time. I bought to clean up my online identify and give myself a fresh start.

The Farplane is a collective in its most simple description, which means it collects and links the various websites I have made, tying them all together and giving them a home. Websites have been my creative outlet for some time. I enjoy thinking about, analyzing, and writing about characters, movies, books, and video games I love.

The Farplane comes from the video game Final Fantasy X. Yuna describes it as, "the place that unites the living with their memory of the dead." I have always found it to be a pretty, albeit chilling word, and have wanted this domain for a while. Fittingly, I write a lot about dead characters, dark themes, and horror here.

The domain's first layout appropriately features Tidus from Final Fantasy X. My images are made using Adobe Photoshop 2020. This site was hand-coded with Notepad.


Feel free to reach out to me via one of the methods below. If you add me on Twitter, please send me a DM or tweet letting me know who you are, and I will follow you back. :)

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Twitter - @yeerkpool
Discord - Todd#2396